Mechatronics is an exciting, interdisciplinary field that combines electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials, robotics, and control systems. This is a great field for technically minded engineers who enjoy working on software, hardware, and everything in between.

Mechatronics has applications in manufacturing, aeronautics, and any other industry that relies on automation. It is not only intellectually stimulating, but offers a wide array of job opportunities in academic and industrial settings. Anyone with an engineering mindset and a broad set of interests could find endless rewarding challenges in the field of mechatronics, and as robotics continue to gain popularity in manufacturing, military, and even home-use applications, there will be no shortage of jobs in the industry. There are sites here that cater to advanced mechatronics students and professionals, as well as those just starting out. This is not a ranking list, since the info presented covers such diverse territory across the disciplines of mechatronics, robotics, haptics, and electrical engineering overall.

    Research & Universities

    University mechatronics labs frequently publish academic papers as well as less formal projects that they undertake. Anyone considering studying mechatronics should check out some of the publications coming out of the best university labs, since the work they’re doing now will likely form the foundation of future mechatronics research.

  1. Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics Research Laboratory (AIMRL)


    The Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics Research Laboratory develops some of the most contemporary methods for analyzing mechatronics today, including new theories, algorithms, theories, and more. They also have a great section of publications, thesis abstracts, and accolades they’ve been awarded.

  2. Mechatronics at NYU-Poly


    Mechatronics at NYU-Poly is leading the way in implementing the latest methods for engaging mechatronics students and helping promote collaborative learning in the classroom. They work on the numerous applications of mechatronics, which includes medical, defense, manufacturing, robotics, automotive, among others.

  3. Haptics and Embedded Mechatronics Laboratory


    Haptics and Embedded Mechatronics Laboratory focuses on some incredible technologies currently being researched, such as climbing robots, embedded mechatronics, and even tactile sensing. Students will find the page useful because it shows many types of projects that can be worked on once in the lab.

  4. The University of Rhode Island Mechatronics Laboratory


    The University of Rhode Island Mechatronics Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that provides an environment for running experimental procedures on mechatronics to expand the capabilities of how these technologies are applied to everyday use.

  5. School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering (MSE) at SFU


    Simon Fraser University has an impressive Mechatronic Systems Engineering Department and their homepage provides a great entry into their illustrious department and the advancements they’re making in areas such as smart materials, micro-electro-mechanical-systems, and thermal engineering.

  6. UCSC DANM Mechatronics


    UCSC DANM Mechatronics focuses on the development of mechatronics in the context of art, video, performance, and sculpture to create truly unique artwork. They’ve worked with numerous professors, artists, and other research groups to make interesting finds.

  7. Welcome to Robotics and Mechatronics – Universiteit Twente


    Welcome to Robotics and Mechatronics is a site that explains some of the latest issues in the field and how modern systems can impact practical situations. The site is impressively thorough and has sections on research, projects, and useful publications.

  8. San Francisco State University School of Engineering Research Areas


    San Francisco State University’s School of Engineering has extensive information relating to a wide array of areas within mechatronics, including biomechatronics, nano-electronics, computing, and more. The site primarily functions as a useful resource for students and teachers, but is a wonderful one at that.

  9. UC Davis IMS-Mechatronics Laboratory


    As one of the leading institutions when it comes to mechatronics, UC Davis’ IMS-Mechatronics department drives an impressive amount of innovation in machining and ASCENTI-CNC projects.

  10. MeccaBLOG


    MeccaBLOG is part of the mechatronics lab at the University of Trento in Italy and focuses on research activities such as vehicle dynamics, automatic controls in data storage devices, accuracy in machine tools, and more. The blog gives updates on happenings in the lab, along with research developments.

  11. Biomedical Mechatronics Laboratory, Northeastern University


    Biomedical Mechatronics from Northeastern University looks at some of the newest ways mechatronics are impacting medicine and detail the news as well. With ample publications to read through and well documented research, it’s a must-read site.

  12. Biomechatronics Research Laboratory


    The Biomechatronics Research at Colorado School of Mines is an interesting site whose research provides interesting insight into the application of mechatronics to humans for the purpose of improving a quality of life and increasing the efficiency of rehabilitation.

  13. Mechatronics Laboratory: Bogazici University


    Mechatronics Laboratory: Bogazici University was established in 1995 to help with research and application of mechatronics at a practical level. Additionally, they have useful conferences for discussing some of the leading issues of today.

  14. UMass Mechatronics and Robotics Research Laboratory


    Umass Mechatronics Curriculum does great work on the interaction between humans and machines. They focus extensively on mechatronics for rehabilitative purposes, so have interesting material on the practical application of this technology.

  15. Purdue Mechatronics Curriculum and Packaging Automation Laboratory Facility


    Purdue Mechatronics Curriculum and Packaging Automation Laboratory Facility works on projects that detail the use of mechatronics in engineering technology and they work with students to provide lots of hands-on experience.

  16. Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Automation Laboratory (MESA Lab)


    Mechatronics, Embedded Systems and Automation Laboratory (MESA Lab) was established in 2012, but has quickly gained notoriety for their work on subjects such as cyber-physical systems, controlling renewable energy systems, and cutting edge mechatronics work. They’ve participated in many conferences since their inception and continue to only see positive growth.

  17. University of Dundee Mechanical & Electronic Engineering


    University of Dundee Mechanical & Electronic Engineering department is a resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students to turn to for outlines on the curriculum, but its information that can be applied to many school’s programs for students wondering if this is the field for them.

  18. Imperial College London: Mechatronics in Medicine


    Imperial College London: Mechatronics in Medicine explains how mechatronics has turned such a crucial corner in the last decade that its application in medicine will be prevalent in the future through many useful contexts. Since the site delves greatly into research being done, many students will find this site intriguing to see what’s currently going on in the field.

  19. Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory (RML)

    Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory (RML) at The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science works to conduct advanced research in the field of mechatronics. They work with officials throughout the government and business sector to serve various needs and advance various endeavors.

  20. Colorado State: Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems


    Colorado State: Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems is a definite place to start for those just beginning their academic career in mechatronics. The site has everything from video demonstrations and laboratory exercises to MathCAD examples and useful internet resources.

  21. University of Utah Robotics, Controls, & Mechatronics


    University of Utah Robotics, Controls, and Mechatronics showcases the current research topics they’re focusing on and why things such as bioinstrumentation will change how people view biomechanics in the future.

  22. Boston University Intelligent Mechatronics Lab


    Boston University Intelligent Mechatronics Lab researches and runs tests exploring how we can create more responsive and engaging mechatronics that better adapt to environments. For mechatronics researchers and students, this site can provide very insightful on a number of issues.

  23. UTS Centre for Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (CIMS)


    UTS Centre for Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (CIMS) focuses on four main research endeavors that include autonomous robots, electrical machines, automotive systems, and human factors. By focusing on these four key areas, they specialize to a greater extent in their research with great success.

  24. ITBA Mechatronics Laboratory


    ITBA Mechatronics Laboratory details the basics of mechatronics on their site and explains the purpose of their laboratory, along with what they hope to achieve in the future. They focus on automation and control systems in mostly industrial fields.

  25. Mechatronics Academy


    The Mechatronics Academy helps students refine their mechatronics skills and be aptly equipped to tackle the rapidly advancing industry that is full of opportunity. They focus on three crucial dimensions to mechatronics, which allows them to greatly specialize in these issues.

  26. Mechatronics Laboratory, University of Wisconsin Madison


    The Mechatronics Laboratory, University of Wisconsin, Madison has an awesome website that shows the benefits to combining mechanical and electrical engineering, computer science, and controls engineering into mechatronics. Students can use this site to see what it’s like to work in such an interdisciplinary field.

  27. Mechatronics Research Laboratory


    The Mechatronics Research Laboratory from Qazvin Islamic Azad University teaches and does extensive research on robotics since their inception in 2003. Each year they participate in the Robocup, an education and research initiative that focuses on finding problems and looking at the various ways they can be solved.

  28. Mekar Lab Mechatronics Research Labs


    Mekar Lab Mechatronics Research Labs breaks down the work they’re doing into useful categories that highlight the many uses of mechatronics and robotics. For those wondering how mechatronics can be used in real world settings, this is a useful starting point.

  29. Mechatronics Lab at Virginia Tech


    The Mechatronics Lab at Virginia Tech does research focused on military and medical applications, specifically with sensors and microcontrollers. The research works on areas of Applied Autonomy and Medical Devices and their specialties have garnered the support of the U.S. Marine Corps.

  30. Center for Research in Energy and Mechatronics


    The Center for Research in Energy and Mechatronics is based in Belgium and has some of the most well-developed approaches to handling mechatronics and making them more energy-efficient. They support endeavors in both academia and the industrial sector, so users can find useful resources in either area.

  31. Center for Intelligent Mechatronics – Vanderbilt University


    The Center for Intelligent Mechatronics – Vanderbilt University focuses on electromechanical devices, specifically their use in rehabilitation. Rehabilitation robotics is an industry that has seen large growth in recent years and it’s due to the work done from this lab.

  32. Advanced Mechatronics Laboratory, Carnegie Mellon


    The Advanced Mechatronics Laboratory from Carnegie Mellon focuses their efforts on Rapidly Deployable Intelligent Systems. Their goal is to create simple components that can quickly and easily be assembled for a specific function, an idea which has widespread use.

  33. Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics (ARM) Lab


    Automation, Robotics, and Mechatronics (ARM) Lab does a great deal of research concerning the creation of smart, embedded mechanical and mechatronic systems. They highlight how recent breakthroughs in communications have allowed for a new wave of intelligent robots to be created.

  34. MIT Mechatronics Research Laboratory


    MIT Mechatronics Research Laboratory works on some of the most pressing issues in the field today and promotes enhanced energy systems, atomic resolution systems, robotics & automation, as well as many other areas.

  35. Nazarbayev University Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics Systems Laboratory (ARMS Lab)


    The Nazarbayev University Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics Systems Laboratory (ARMS Lab) works on designing and creating intelligent robotics with functions specifically for rehabilitation, locomotion, and industrial automation. For someone thoroughly involved in research, it’s a great site to check out.

  36. Korea University Mechatronics & Field Robotics Lab


    Korea University Mechatronics & Field Robotics looks at how robotics can be used in contexts such as construction automation, military, underwater work, and even in nuclear plants to help make processes safer. They detail how working in field robotics has the advantage of clear-cut needs to address specific problems.

  37. Robotics and Mechatronics Research Laboratory Monash University


    The Robotics and Mechatronics Research Laboratory from Monash University sees how a convergence is taking place among engineering, robotics, and manufacturing by using this department to explore interdisciplinary areas that have refined scopes for work.

  38. Research – Mechatronics – University of Canterbury – New Zealand


    Research – Mechatronics – University of Canterbury – New Zealand uses their research to allow students to get unique perspective on mechatronics research through one-of-a-kind robotics systems and the highest quality prototyping systems.

  39. University of Tokyo: Advanced Mechatronics Laboratory


    The University of Tokyo: Advanced Mechatronics Laboratory centers their work on industrial and scientific projects, but also looks at bio-medical tools and how they can benefit humans.

  40. TU Delft: Research group Mechatronic System Design (MSD)


    TU Delft: Research group Mechatronic System Design (MSD) supports those working towards a Bachelors or Master’s Degree by giving them a top-notch research facility to further work on mechatronics. Most of their work focuses on new technologies and how they can be used on high-tech motions systems.

  41. University of Toronto Robotics, Mechatronics and Instrumentation


    The University of Toronto Robotics, Mechatronics, and Instrumentation has great resources for the various subcategories in mechatronics. As a leading global academic institution, the university has great resources and links to professors leading the way in research.

  42. Sabanci University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences // Mechatronics Engineering


    Sabanci University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences // Mechatronics Engineering walks users through all the ways they’re working on furthering the field. The university is involved in a significant amount of research in over 20 areas.

  43. Mechatronics & Intelligent Machines Laboratory


    Mechatronics & Intelligent Machines Laboratory is a part of the University of Minnesota and gives a nice overview of how the department of mechanical engineering is making impressive leaps in the field.

  44. UIC Mechatronics Laboratory


    The UIC Mechatronics Laboratory specializes in motion control of mechanical systems, along with having useful resources for some its use in some industrial settings. The site keeps the information very straightforward, which makes it easy to locate information.

  45. University of Virginia Mechanical and Aerospace Department: Mechatronics


    The University of Virginia Mechanical and Aerospace Department: Mechatronics keeps students updated on what’s going on in their research, notably in their prototype lab.

  46. Flanders’ Mechatronics Engineering Centre

    Flanders’ Mechatronics Engineering Centre does complex work on sustainable performance systems concerning electrical energy, automation, electronics, signal processing, and ICT. Namely, they try to promote the ‘global reliability of electronic systems’.

  47. Mitsubishi Electric Research: Mechatronics


    Mitsubishi Electric Research: Mechatronics does integral research and develops advanced technology on a number of areas, including physics, computer science, mechanical engineering, optics, and many more. They also see the burgeoning use of mechatronics with information technology and works to find useful implementations.

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    Blogs, Journals, & Tutorials

    Professionals and amateurs alike enjoy sharing their successes, and sometimes their missteps as well, via blogs. There are loads of great robotics, mechatronics, and general engineering blogs out there for aspiring engineers to learn from.

  49. IEEE Spectrum


    IEEE Spectrum is the official publication for IEEE, the largest organization of professional engineers and applied sciences. Their articles cover some of the most contemporary subjects, while still delivering some of the most worthwhile commentary on the internet.

  50. Nanowerk


    Nanowerk specializes in educating and discussing issues within nanosciences and nanotechnologies. Since mechatronics often work in nanosciences, this site is very useful.

  51. National Instruments Courseware: Controls, Robotics, and Mechatronics


    When you need in-depth manuals and guides to some of the most complicated issues in mechatronics, it’s worthwhile to turn to National Instruments’ Courseware section. It covers things such as controls, robotics, and mechatronics, all with clarity and simplifies tasks for the user.

  52. Clearpath Robotics


    Clearpath robotics works extensively in robotics research to consistently lead the way in developing technologies that prove the most beneficial under various conditions. They work with universities across the world to provide grant funding to those working in mechatronics and robotics.

  53. Stepper Motor System Basics


    Stepper Motor System Basics is one of the best starting points for when it comes to stepping and understanding the process of getting mechanical parts operational and efficient. There’s a huge selection of documents to make the process much easier to begin.

  54. A Review of Electronics


    A Review of Electronics is a straightforward guide to locating the proper procedures for handling many electrical and mechanical elements to creating practical robotics. With 81 sections, all with impressive clarity and depth, this site will be useful to even the most seasoned mechatronics workers.

  55. Electricity and Magnetism


    Electricity and Magnetism is loaded with useful information related to many areas within hyperphysics and can be used as a reference tool for circuit work as well which is very useful to those working in mechatronics.

  56. Ryan Mechatronics Blog


    Ryan Mechatronics is a prominent company in the mechatronics landscape and their blog shows the projects they’re working on, along with worthwhile insight into where the field of mechatronics is currently and where it can be expected to go in the coming years.

  57. Center for Automation in Nanobiotech (CAN)


    The Center for Automation Nanobiotech is an innovative institution that helps to implement nanorobots in a practical manner for health care purposes. For those in the field of mechatronics, it’s a useful place to get a wealth of papers on nanorobotics.

  58. Mechatronics Tutorials


    Mechatronics Tutorials breaks down every area within mechatronics and gives fantastic walkthroughs in areas such as electronics, fabrication, software, and reference material.

  59. NewbieHack


    NewbieHack walks users through the basics of hacking, robotics, programming, and mechatronics. While the site is primarily aimed at engaging those who have no experience with these subjects, they still provide an incredible depth.

  60. Mechatronics Laboratory Wiki


    The Mechatronics Laboratory Wiki has great reference tools for those already working in mechatronics. They delve into various research topics and highlight current events that are affected by mechatronics as a whole.

  61. Control of Stepping Motors


    Control of Stepping Motors is a tutorial that covers all the integral information relating to stepping motors and their control systems. That paper is published by a member of The University of Iowa’s Department of Computer Science, so you can depend on reliable information.

  62. Motor Design and Power Electronics


    Motor Design and Power Electronics is an online manual with a large amount of material on magnetic principles, electromagnetics, motor dynamics, and just about every aspect of mechatronics basic principles.

  63. Electric Motors and Generators


    Electric Motors and Generators has animated diagrams that are very useful for illustrating various motor and generator components, as well as how to build them and differences between them. This site will be beneficial to beginners.

  64. DesignNews: Mechatronics


    DesignNews: Mechatronics is definitely a worthwhile read for those currently doing mechatronics or electromechanical research. Since they touch on the latest issues and give useful insight as to what researchers are working towards.

  65. Mechatronics: The Science of Intelligent Machines


    Mechatronics: The Science of Intelligent Machines is a journal detailing mechanical engineering, electronic control, and systems as it relates to designing and manufacturing products. This journal is used primarily for those working on the industrial side of mechatronic development.

  66. Mechatronics Tips by Design World


    Mechatronics Tips by Design World has updated industry news and detailed pieces explaining what’s currently going on in the field and manufacturing trends.

  67. FRC Team 3313 Mechatronics


    FRC Team 3313 Mechatronics is a high school robotics team that works on the basics of assembling functional robots for competitive purposes. The team is really great because it gets kids thinking and working in robotics at an early age.

  68. Machine Design: Mechatronics


    Machine Design: Mechatronics has a dense library of near 1000 articles and over 50 videos on mechatronic news and commentary. For those working in the field currently, it’s a useful read.

  69. Mechatronic Me


    Mechatronic Me has the latest news and information on projects done by those working in mechatronics. It’s a great place to come to share a project or get great ideas to try.

  70. Engineering and Physics Video Demonstrations


    Engineering and Physics Video Demonstrations is an awesome site for getting useful tools on control systems and other mechanisms. Their reference section is also very useful to get some other useful sites with strong resources.

  71. Mechatronics Tutorials


    Mechatronics Tutorials is a page full of PDF’s outlining how to do research in the field, create your own mechatronics systems, and a vast amount of other useful walkthroughs. From beginners to more advanced mechatronics designers, this site is very useful.

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    Chips & Components

    There are a lot of moving parts in mechatronics, from miniscule computer chips to gears, servos, power supplies, and sensors that can all come together to form sophisticated machinery. Understanding the parts and materials that are needed for a specific project is an important part of being successful in mechatronics.

  73. Microchip


    Microchip makes the products that enable mechatronics to be possible and their work showcases an impressive ability to meet the needs of a rapidly growing demand. They also offer useful training and design support.

  74. Allied Electronics


    Allied Electronics is a leading manufacturer of electronic components that are often used in the mechatronics field. With one of the widest selections of parts, software, and supplies, it’s hard to find a better place to order.

  75. Maxim Integrated Products


    Maxim Integrated Products work to make technology seamless in society through various products like analog switches, amplifiers, clock generation, memory, microcontrollers, and more.



    MICROMO makes rotary and motion solutions for medical purposes. The site is a must-read for those in mechatronics because it makes for a great illustration of components needed for innovative solutions in the field.

  77. US Digital


    US Digital designs and creates components for powering and operating robotics and computer systems. The site also has a useful page that explains all the applications of their parts.

  78. Battery University


    Battery University is educates people online for a variety of useful situations pertaining to battery usage, testing, and more. When wondering about power supplies for various mechatronic devices, this site can be useful to locate specific batteries and find testing tools.

  79. NSK


    NSK supplies ball bearings and linear motion components that help make robotics and mechatronics possible. Their site presents a business perspective of the mechatronics industry, so is useful to see what sort of careers often open up in the field.

  80. Oriental Motors


    Oriental Motors makes motors that are necessary for operating mechatronics and helps facilitate support on numerous issues relating to using mechatronics in the field.

  81. How to Read Capacitor Codes


    The Transtronics page, How to Read Capacitor Codes, is a great reference tool for understanding how to properly handle capacitors and the various information contained on them. Since capacitors are an integral component to mechatronics, this page can guide through the most cumbersome aspects.

  82. Resistor Colour Code


    Resistor Colour Code is a simple, easy-to-use diagram of how to manage resistors and the meanings behind different colors on 4 and 5 band codes. This is something that should be hung up in a laboratory or bookmarked for quick viewing.

  83. Dick Cappels’ Project Pages


    Dick Cappels’ Project Pages has tons of information and guides on how to assemble various mechanical pieces and robotics. It’s also very notable that questions asked on the site are answered in a timely manner, which makes it a crucial source for anyone wondering where to turn for help.


    DigChipcom leads the way in documentation of electronic components and is particularly useful for finding semiconductor components such as parts, datasheets, cross reference, obsolete, and new circuits. The site is searchable, so you can quickly find the desired part.

  85. Atmel


    Atmel creates microcontrollers, touch solutions, and many other components that make robotics even possible. The company is actively involved in trade shows and seminars where it’s possible to see live demonstrations of their products.

  86. Analog Devices, Inc.


    Analog Devices, Inc. creates a large amount of robotics products and gives detailed descriptions on the application of these products. They also have great videos, news, and webinars for users to browse.

  87. Mouser Electronics


    Mouser Electronics sells an impressive variety of components and parts for robotics and other electro mechanics. Since they have such a large selection, check out the site when you’re looking to order parts.

  88. Linear Technologies


    Linear Technologies is a worldwide leader in robotics parts and creates solutions for a number of industries. They’ve created components such as filters, multiplexers, switching regulators, and many more.

  89. Jameco


    Jameco Electronics sells all the parts one would need for created robots or working in mechanical engineering. Additionally, their ‘hobby kits’ make great entry-level kits for beginning to work with basic robotics.

  90. Maxon Precision Motors


    Maxon Precision Motors makes specialized motors for advancing robotics technology. They work with non-profits and companies alike to promote further innovation in the field.

  91. Stock Drive Products, Inc.


    Stock Drive Products, Inc. creates precision gears, gear assemblies, timing belts, pulleys, couplings, and many more small mechanical components. Since they work in military, medical, and industrial manufacturing, it makes a good resource for one in many fields.

  92. Interface Load Cells


    Interface Load Cells is useful for finding components necessary to create industrial machines. The site has an in-depth page on their products and even a great section on the various applications they have.

  93. Mannesmann Rexroth


    Mannesmann Rexroth drives engineering efficiency that makes robotics more accessible and effective. They’re also able to make machines much safer.

  94. Continental Hydraulics


    Continental Hydraulics specializes in hydraulic components such as shafts, bushings, couplings, along with offering comprehensive services to repair valves, pumps, and motors. They’re based in Montreal, Canada and also showcase a featured product that is very useful for getting detailed overviews.

  95. Acroname Robotics


    Acroname Robotics is a team of experts who research better ways to apply robotics to our everyday lives and make their application more seamless. They’ve created controllers, drivers, sensors, and other components as well.

  96. Junun Robotics


    Junun Robotics sells robot kits and accessories for creating many different robots. They also sell spare parts, making the site a useful place for repairing robots already owned.

  97. Heidenhein


    Heidenhein helps companies maintain efficiency and productivity through innovative machine tools and useful product support. They frequent trade shows around the world and have made a large impact on the industry.

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    General Resources

    Many, many elements go into any successful engineering project, and there are specialized websites covering the whole gamut, from circuitry diagrams to motor suppliers and data sheets. The tech savvy crowd of mechatronics and engineering enthusiasts online has made just about every resource available for free or cheap for anyone who is willing to look hard enough, and we’ve compiled a lot of them here to make them easier to find!

  99. ACME Mechatronics, Inc.


    ACME Mechatronics, Inc. specializes in winding machines and leads the world in their exportation of them. The company’s site is useful to see what mechanics need to be put in place in order to have a globally known mechatronics company.

  100. Robot Mesh


    Robot Mesh creates robotics kits and offers support to those promoting robotics in classrooms, after-school activities, the home, and more. This site offers great material for getting someone started on working in robotics.

  101. Parallax, Inc.


    Parallax, Inc. sells microcontrollers and robots that enable people to teach others or create their own. Their DIY kits enable more people to get involved with this field through useful step-by-step walkthroughs.

  102. Mechatronics


    Mechatronics focuses on thermal management and creates many products that are very useful to many fields. They have a forward-thinking vision and are often on the cutting edge of more efficient technologies.

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