The Digital Toolbox for Electrical Engineers: Top Apps

The Digital Toolbox for Electrical Engineers: 101 Top Apps

The design and creation of electronic devices and systems requires meticulous attention to detail. These apps provide a wide range of capabilities that can make life easier for anyone working or studying electrical engineering. There are apps that provide reference materials, wire-gauging tools, resistance calculators, visual references for resistors and other components, and generally encyclopedic access to all the information an electrical engineer would need to make important decisions about a project.

The apps in this collection cater to users of all skill levels, from pro electrical engineers to amateur household electricians. Many of them are available for both Android and iOS, and some even have a desktop or browser based edition. They’re listed in no definitive order. Most are free or inexpensive, and they’re well worth the price for the wealth of electrical engineering info they put in your pocket.

Electronics References

Why memorize something when you can look it up? There are many excellent reference apps for electrical engineers, with glossaries of terms, frequently used calculations, part sizes and numbers, and other info that might come in handy.

  1. ElectroDroid


    ElectroDroid is a simple and powerful collection of electronics tools and references. With this resistor calculator, you’re able to enter a desired value and have ElectroDroid pick out two resistors in the E6 through E192 series that when soldered together will match the desired value. Also, you can enter the value of two resistors and get the resulting parallel or serial value. Additionally, there is a PRO version available for $2.79.

    Cost: Free

  2. Electronics Bundle

    Electronics Bundle

    Electronics Bundle is a platform for learning, teaching and training. Users can study, electricity and magnetism,
    resistors, capacitors, inductors, and many other electrical concepts.

    Cost: Free

  3. SPL Meter

    SPL Meter

    SPL Meter is a professional-grade sound level meter. It modeled after a traditional analog SPL meter and features the same uses, including ballistics, ranges, filters, and decay rates.

    Cost: $0.99

  4. Electronic Toolbox Pro

    Electronic Toolbox Pro

    Electronic Toolbox Pro offers electronic reference material with an additional collection of calculation, lookup and conversion tools in one place. Some of its many features include unit conversion for numerous types of measurements such as pressure, energy, distance, speed, and weight, as well as a database for common electrical symbols.

    Cost: $5.99

  5. Electronics Engineering ToolKit PRO for iPad

    Electronics Engineering ToolKit PRO for iPad

    This app features an extra-large component reference section, unit converter, auto save features, and many more features. This accurate tool is helpful for students and professionals in electrical engineering.

    Cost: $4.99

  6. Electrical Tools & Reference

    Electrical Tools & Reference

    This is an app with many uses and features, some tools include amps calculator, volts calculator, fault current converter, and several others, making it great for basic installations. The app also includes reference guides like surge protection charts, time delay RTD’s, and more.

    Cost: $3.23

  7. Electrician’s Bible

    Electrician's Bible

    The Electrician’s Bible is a must have app for electrician’s, electrical contractors or those looking to pass an electrical certification. Calculations include voltage drop, pipe bend, load calculation, and more.

    Cost: $2.99

  8. Electrical Dictionary


    The Electrical Dictionary is a useful tool for all definitions in engineering, including electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism, digital computers, power engineering, telecommunications, and control systems. Users can mark their favorite definitions and use the app offline when needed.

    Cost: Free

  9. Electronics Tutorials

    Electronics Tutorials

    This app serves as a guide, offering tutorials and helps on electronics projects. Some projects include using a Bluetooth wireless connection and trouble shooting a modem.

    Cost: Free

  10. Master Electrician Reference

    Master Electrician Reference

    This electrician’s reference guide can be held in your hand and accessed anytime. It has calculations, charts, Dictionary of electrician terms, electrical symbols, and more. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

    Cost: $9.99

  11. Elec Ref

    Elec Ref

    Based on NEC 2008 code, this app allows users to find out wire gauge sizing, transformer sizing, motor horsepower and amps, and voltage drop in wires over a distance. It is a perfect on-the-go professional reference tool for electricians and electrical engineers.

    Cost: $3.99

  12. VSB Electronics


    This app is designed more as a quick course aimed at teaching students basic concepts in electronics. After going through all of the materials, students should have an understanding of electricity, voltages, currents, and integrated circuits.

    Cost: Free

  13. CaptainQuiz Engineering

    CaptainQuiz Engineering

    CaptainQuiz Engineering allows you to practice anywhere with Android quiz applications, developed by a USCG licensed captain. With this app, you can take quizzes of official test questions, track your progress, focus on your problem questions, and get ready to ace your Master’s License or Endorsement exam.

    Cost: $4.99

  14. ElectroQuiz


    ElectroQuiz has more than 300 questions with topics including resistance, series circuits, parallel circuits, series/parallel circuits, capacitance, time constants, meter loading, meter shunts, multipliers, waveforms, inductance, transformers, reactance and series AC circuits. This app is designed for students in AC & DC theory, but is also great for electrical trade apprentices, electrical journeyman, automotive technicians, electronic technicians, mechatronics technicians, engineering and physics students.

    Cost: $0.99

  15. Engineering News

    Engineering News covers multiple fields of engineering, including electrical, electronics, mechatronics, and more. Offering educational videos, industry news, and job opportunities all in one place, this app is great for aspiring or current electrical engineers. It is continually updated with local news, events, and information.

    Cost: Free

  16. Basic Electrical Engineering


    This unique application is for all students across the world. It covers over 100 topics of basic electrical engineering. Each topic is around 600 words and is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations along with simple text explaining the concept in detail. Students can access the content on-the-go from anywhere they like.

    Cost: Free

  17. Digi-Key – Electronic components, parts, datasheets & more

    Digi-Key - Electronic components, parts, datasheets & more

    Digi-Key Electronic Components, Parts, Datasheets, and More is designed to help engineers have access to an inventory of in-stock electronic components and show them how to best go about securing the high quality parts. The app features over two million products, along with spreadsheets and photos.

    Cost: Free

  18. Electrical Engg Formulas

    Electrical Engg Formulas

    Electrical Engg Formulas is the combination of physics and materials science for purposes related to analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of Electrical systems.

    Cost: $3.92

  19. Electrical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering

    This free app consists of 3 useful electricity tools, an electrical calculator, an electrical circuit calculator and electrical formulas. It’s a great app for Electrical Engineering students and work, covering a wide range of subfields including electronics, digital computers, power engineering, telecommunications, control systems, radio frequency engineering, and signal processing.

    Cost: Free

  20. EE Flashcards Plus

    EE Flashcards Plus

    Electrical Engineering Flashcards Plus is a study aid for EE students and engineering professionals. The decks included are Terms, Electricity, Definitions, Introduction, Theory & Math.

    Cost: $3.99

  21. EE Engineer’s Handbook

    EE Engineer's Handbook

    EE Engineers Handbook was designed from the ground-up for engineers and has all the tools needed to effectively work in electrical engineering. From bode plots to filter design, impedance calculations, and more.

    Cost: $1.99

  22. Engineers Reference

    Engineers Reference

    Engineers Reference explores the technical functions commonly used by engineers in the energy field and the app has a wealth of features related to power and efficiency. Users can determine vibration calculations, percentage of flash stream, power-plant heat rate, and more.

    Cost: Free

  23. Electronics News

    Electronics News

    Electronics News is a press release platform for the electronics Industry that delivers real-time new product news to established component buying engineers and designers all over the world. Electronics News is powered by Electropages, the leading publisher of new product news. Electropages is unique in its approach to helping electronics engineers and designers source new electronics products.

    Cost: Free

  24. The Electricians Tool Pouch Tables

    The Electricians Tool Pouch Tables

    The Electricians Tool Pour Tables is essential for any electrician wanting an easy-to-reference guide with information on wire ampacity, calculating the number of conductors in outlet boxes, and much more useful information. The app is highly regarded for its thorough nature and dependable features.

    Cost: $19.95

  25. AccuBender


    AccuBender is a tube bend calculator designed to make work easier for pipefitters, but its use extends to electricians for conduits as well. It comes with useful preset radii, as well as the ability to customize others.

    Cost: $10

  26. Analog Glossary

    Analog Glossary

    Analog Glossary has the best assortment of definitions related to signal processing. The glossary also makes it easy to reference words commonly used by electrical engineers for describing design and manufacturing of integrated circuits on analog devices.

    Cost: $1.25

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Converters & Calculators

Nobody wants to convert volts to amps to wants and vice-versa by hand any more. Mobile apps offer easy-to-use calculators for every commonly used equation, calculation, and unit conversion an electrical engineer could ever need.

  1. RLC Calc – Resistance Inductance Capacitor Calculator

    RLC Calc - Resistance Inductance Capacitor Calculator

    This iOS app gives basic information about resistor, capacitor and inductor connections. Beginners in electronics can use this app’s images and color coding to easily identify information.

    Cost: $0.99

  2. NEMA Configuration Guide

    NEMA Configuration Guide

    Summit Electric Supply’s NEMA Configuration Guide puts over 240 NEMA configurations at your fingertips. This app helps you quickly and easily identify your device so you can move on with your project. Search by NEMA configuration number or enter known information such as voltage, amperage or poles to filter for matches. Tap on an icon and view detailed specifications. Use the handy plug/receptacles cross reference option to quickly find matching configurations.

    Cost: Free

  3. aCableBT


    aCableBT makes it for dimensioning cables according to NF C 15-100 and it’s great for making calculations based on cable type. Available in English and French, it’s also in accordance with obligations of the RGIE.

    Cost: $6.6

  4. Watts Amps Volts Calculator

    Watts Amps Volts Calculator

    Watts Amps Volts Calculator is an electrical app calculates any combination of Watts, Volts, Amps, kW, Power Factor, Single and Three Phase Calculations.
    For example, electricians can easily convert watts to amps or single phase watts, all with a simple and easy to use app.

    Cost: $1.99

  5. Electrical Pro

    Electrical Pro

    This app offers features such as bury depth, box conduit fill, fault calculator, and voltage drop. The app includes 2014 NEC calculations and is an excellent resource for electricians and engineers.

    Cost: $2

  6. PCalc – The Best Calculator

    PCalc - The Best Calculator

    This calculator is a great choice for scientists, engineers, students, and programmers. It features engineering and scientific notation, as well as support for hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations.

    Cost: $9.99

  7. Cable Calculator

    Cable Calculator

    Cable Calculator is a cable size calculator designed for use by electricians, electrical designers and engineers to quickly size a single circuit to BS 7671: 2008 (IET 17th Edition) requirements for electrical installations.

    Cost: $2.40

  8. Calculate Capacitor

    Calculate Capacitor

    This application is geared towards people who are engaged in or studying electronics. Users can enter the value of the capacitors code and get the equivalent in PicoFarad, MicroFarad and NanoFarad.

    Cost: Free

  9. AMP Circuit Calculator

    AMP Circuit Calculator

    When looking to determine the amperage of circuit breakers and avoid overloading the circuits, this app can help. It can easily measure any one of the unknown quantity of Voltage, Power and Resistance by the two known quantities.

    Cost: $1

  10. Resistor Calculator

    The Resistor Calculator application calculates the value of a resistor and tolerance based on the color of the bands or can display color bands and tolerance resistance from a user input value.

    Cost: Free

  11. Electrical Calc USA

    Electrical Calc USA

    E-Calc calculates simple formulas and returns code results including wire sizing, conduit sizing, fusing, overload size, ground and bond size and much more based on the National Electrical Code. It’s an important app for diagnosing many electrical problems.

    Cost: $5.02

  12. CableCalc AS/NZS 3008


    This is a useful app for anyone from electrical trainees to engineers for a quick calculation on volt drop, conductor size. It is a comprehensive tool for any electrician.

    Cost: $2.30

  13. Electric Lines Calculator

    Electric Lines Calculator

    This application was made to calculate some important parameters. It’s deal for engineers and electricians who want to perform calculations on immediately on site.

    Cost: $1.79

  14. Cable Installer

    Cable Installer

    Cable installer provides a quick and easy reference for most common low and high voltage power cables. Suitable for use by electricians, electrical engineers, cable installers and designers.

    Cost: $1.24

  15. Engineering Calc

    Engineering Calc

    This interactive application allows users to input their required data, and creates results show in the form of graphs, tables, and animations. It is used by engineers, lecturers and engineering students.

    Cost: Free

  16. Binary Calculator Pro

    Binary Calculator Pro

    This is a free mathematical calculator, which is able to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers in binary format. It is especially helpful for students learning computer science and electrical engineering.

    Cost: $0.99

  17. powerOne Scientific and Graphing Pro Calculator

    powerOne Scientific and Graphing Pro Calculator

    This professional and powerful calculator has over 400 pre-loaded calculations, useful for any necessary math or equations. It’s good for any conversations and calculations including feet-inches, fractions, matrices, stats, programmer’s math and more.

    Cost: $4.99

  18. Electrician Calculator Pro

    Electrician Calculator Pro

    A simple and straightforward way to make calculations using NEC compliant info. It’s a powerful tool for electricians, engineers and electrical professionals, electrical contractors, designers, lighting experts, inspectors, maintenance personnel and builders.

    Cost: $14.99

  19. Circuit Number To Color

    Circuit Number To Color

    This app is useful to personnel in the electronics field, helping them to get the correct wire color from the circuit number. It is an accurate and time- saving app, helping contractors and professional electricians.

    Cost: $2

  20. Wire Size Calculator

    Wire Size Calculator

    This calculator determines the size of the conductor wire in a circuit of a given distance with a given amperage load. Electricians can enter a value and get the needed information to finish a project quickly, correctly, and safety.

    Cost: $0.99

  21. Electrical Calc Elite Electric

    Electrical Calc Elite Electric

    This app was designed with electrical professionals in mind, offering help for code-related problems. Some electrical calculations included in the app are wire sizes, conduit sizing, equipment grounding sizes, parallel resistance, and much more.

    Cost: $19.99

  22. Circuit Color

    Circuit Color

    This is an app designed with electricians and electrical engineers in mind. Whether you’re out working in the field pulling in wire and cabling, or you’re in the office bidding/designing electrical systems, Circuit Color will help you quickly and easily figure out what color of wire is used for different circuits.

    Cost: $0.99

  23. EWP 2014 Electrical Wiring Pro

    EWP 2014 Electrical Wiring Pro

    EWP 2014 Electrical Wiring Pro is the renowned tool of professionals looking to quickly access over 40 electrical calculators and tools. The app displays incredible depth and is ideal for electricians, power engineers, and other electrical professionals.

    Cost: $1.99

  24. Basic Electronic Circuits Calc

    Basic Electronic Circuits Calc

    Basic Electronic Circuits Calc goes over basic electronic circuits and allows users to calculate gain of a basic transistor amplifier circuit, voltage between a collector and emitter, voltage between a drain and source, and much more.

    Cost: Free

  25. Resistor Roid

    Resistor Roid

    This is an easy an efficient resistant converter for Android. It converts color codes into resistance values and resistance values to color codes, helping electrics users with projects.

    Cost: $0.99

  26. Engineering Unit Conversion

    Engineering Unit Conversion

    This is a unit conversion tool designed to help electricians and engineers with their daily calculations. No internet usage is required to run this app, making it easy for any professional to use.

    Cost: $0.99

  27. Delta Wye Converter

    Delta Wye Converter

    For anyone looking for an easier way to work out resistor calculations and conversions, this is the tool for the job. It can be an essential and easy to use app for computer engineers, electrical engineers, PCB designers and students.

    Cost: $0.99

  28. Engineering Unit Converter

    Engineering Unit Converter

    This unit converter is a great app because it requires no web access. It is also highly customizable to the needs of user, including alphabetical and value sorting and the ability to save measures.

    Cost: Free

  29. Unit Converter

    Unit Converter

    Unit Converter is simple and friendly unit converter with a clean user interface. It includes a favorites list for easy access to commonly used conversions and a Quick List View for an “at-a-glance” view of all conversions.

    Cost: Free

  30. Ohm’s Law Calculator – COOPERSOFT

    Ohm's Law Calculator - COOPERSOFT

    Ohm’s Law Calculator is a simple application that will calculate voltage, resistance, current and power from any two given values. It is a useful tool for any electrical or electronic engineer.

    Cost: Free

  31. Ohm’s Law for Power, Current, Voltage & Resistance

    Ohm's Law for Power, Current, Voltage & Resistance

    The Ohm’s Law for Power, Current, Voltage & Resistance app is an app to get the electronic and electrical calculations using voltage, watts, and amps.

    Cost: $0.99

  32. Ohm’s Law Calculator

    Ohm's Law Calculator

    Ohms Law Calculator has all the relevant information for use in electric and electronic circuits and makes it much easier to calculate values of Ohms, Amps, Watts, and even Volts. Its ease of use extends to the feature to merely type in two known values and the app will find the other two for the user.

    Cost: $0.99

  33. Conduit Fill Tracker

    Conduit Fill Tracker

    Conduit Fill Tracker functions as a useful conduit fill calculator and is easy to use with allowable fill rates and the ability to keep track of any combination of conductors as individuals switch between raceway types and sizes. With other features such as being able to calculate conduit fill and adjusting the sizes of a conduit or tubing easily, it’s sure to have renewed use for anyone working in the field.

    Cost: Free

  34. ElectriCalc Pro Calculator

    ElectriCalc Pro Calculator

    ElectriCalc Pro Calculator emulates all the features seen in the #5065 and #5070 models. It makes it much easier to calculate electrical information, such as wire sizes, voltage drop, conduit sizing, and more.

    Cost: $24.99

  35. SEE Electrical Calculator

    SEE Electrical Calculator

    Do not waste time with electrical installation calculation! With this simple, quick and complete app, make your electrical calculations at home, at work or on the field. SEE Electrical Calculator allows you to compute voltage drop, earth leakage, short circuit currents as well as other calculations. Whether you are a student, a craftsman or an engineer in electrical engineering, this app will be great for you!

    Cost: Free

  36. Electrist Electronics Calc

    Electrist Electronics Calc is a full service calculator app for deriving resistance, resonant frequency, periodic waves, voltage imbalance, and more. The developer continues to add new functionality to this already rich and intuitive app.

    Cost: $2.25

  37. Electrical ToolKit

    Electrical ToolKit

    This is a smart & handy tool for all Electrical & Electronics engineers, electricians, technicians, students, etc. It is simple to use and smart enough to recalculate circuit values when user edits any input data. More tools will be added soon.

    Cost: Free

  38. Electronics Toolkit

    Electronics Toolkit

    The Electronics Toolkit provides a useful interface for calculating unknown quantities in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering. Current features include: resistor color codes, Ohm’s Law and Power Calculator, Series/Parallel Value Calculator, Reactance Finder and many more!

    Cost: Free

  39. Electrical Engineering Pack

    Electrical Engineering Pack

    Electrical Engineering Pack consists of 39 Electrical Calculators and 16 Electrical Converters. It is a complete guide allowing for Electrical Engineers, Technicians and Students quick and easy calculations of different electrical parameters.

    Cost: $4.33

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Circuitry Resources

Passing electrical current through a circuit is the basic operation of every electrical engineering project. Without circuits, there would be no electrical engineering, and there are several great apps for learning about circuits available.

  1. iCircuit


    iCircuit allows for users to design and experiment with circuits. The app has an advanced simulation engine that can handle both analog and digital circuits and features real-time always-on analysis.

    Cost: $9.99

  2. Circuit Pro

    Circuit Pro

    CircuitPro helps electrical engineers and electricians with the task of sizing branch circuits according the National Electrical Code (NEC). The app can find the correctly sized standard breaker size and look up the minimum required conductor.

    Cost: $4.99

  3. Lessons In Electric Circuits

    Lessons In Electric Circuits

    This app has great information when you cannot connect to the web for reference information about semi-conductors, resistors, capacitors, electromechanical, and other various components that you use for constructing a project. It is great for offline use especially when you need to build something during a power outage.

    Cost: Free

  4. Electric Circuits

    Electric Circuits

    Electric Circuits has useful information and formulas to solve basic DC electric circuits.

    Cost: Free

  5. Circuit Builder

    Circuit Builder

    Circuit Builder focuses on introductory elements of construction and operation of electronic circuits. It features easy-to-use controls and an intuitive layout that makes it easy to use on mobile devices.

    Cost: $6.99

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More Tools

There are countless amazing tools for electrical engineers and electronics hobbyists available on the major mobile app stores and online. From wire-gauging to thread pitching to light meters, these can make an electrical engineer’s mobile phone or tablet an essential part of their toolbox.

  1. Electrical Pro

    Electrical Pro

    Electrical Pro is a reference app to help increase the productivity of those in the field of electrical engineering. It includes charts on motors, power demand, wiring, and voltage drop and safety codes, and calculates Amps both from AC and DC currents, as well as kilowatts, horsepower, efficiency, power factor, watts, amps, current, power, resistance, and voltage.

    Cost: $6.99

  2. Thread Pitch

    Thread Pitch

    This app helps users gauge the thread pitch of screws. Usage is as easy as measuring screws on the screen and waiting for output.

    Cost: Free

  3. Power Wizard

    Power Wizard

    This app is helpful for anyone working with home solar panel or wind turbine technologies, power inverters, batteries, or any electrical science projects. It calculates a battery’s discharge rate, the approximate charge remaining, total battery life, as well as calculates amps, volts, and watts.

    Cost: $1.34

  4. Machine Screws Drill/Tap Inf

    Machine Screws Drill/Tap Inf

    This app provides a quick and easily searchable drill chart, giving nearly every standard drill bit size with associated screw sizes. It has great application for machinists, shops, designers, engineers and home use.

    Cost: $1

  5. Electrician Side Kick

    Electrician Side Kick

    Electrician’s Side Kick is a multi-tasking tool that specifies in calculations and panel creation. There is a bending calculator, an ohms law calculator, and the ability to add notes to make projects easier in the future.

    Cost: $0.99

  6. Resistor ID Pro Toolbox

    Resistor ID Pro Toolbox

    The Resistor ID Pro Toolbox is the simplest, most useful resistor color code calculator on the market. It’s great for any engineer or electronic enthusiast who is working at a component level.

    Cost: $1.39

  7. Electrical Tools Lite

    Electrical Tools Lite

    Electrical Tools Lite has calculators for Ohm’s Law, a Voltage Divider, DC Horsepower, and even a Four Band Resistor color code. It has an impressive amount of content for a free version and should be utilized by anyone looking to get further involved in electrical work.

    Cost: Free

  8. Real AWG Wire

    Real AWG Wire

    Real AWG Wire makes it easier to find the actual size of AWG wires, as well as providing a sizes list in National Electrical Code, NEC. The app also displays the REAL AWG WIRE SIZE on the app screen, which helps avoid any confusion.

    Cost: $0.99

  9. Conduit Runner Pro

    Conduit Runner Pro

    Conduit Runner Pro has all the best information related to conduit bends, fills, and other relevant calculations. The length converter is great for its ability to enter any number in meters, inches, and more to have the other quantities displayed.

    Cost: $0.99

  10. Electrical Safety Tests – Mr. Combi

    Electrical Safety Tests - Mr. Combi

    This highly detailed and specific app shows users how to ensure a boiler is safely installed, safe to work on and conforms to BS7671. It helps users carry out all tests to ensure complete safety, and even identify the cause of any faults.

    Cost: $3.99



    An app that prepares anyone going in for an internship interview in CMOS VLSI design, this application provides over 60 frequently asked questions in both telephone and in-person interviews. This is a perfect reference for electrical and computer engineers.

    Cost: $0.99

  12. Design Dimensions Pro

    Design Dimensions Pro

    This app is for anyone interested in design or has questions about design dimensions. Contractors, builders, architects, design students, and even homeowners use this tool to search and measure.

    Cost: $4.99

  13. Note Taker HD

    Note Taker HD

    Note Taker HD is an app for writing and organizing handwritten notes, diagrams, and other communications on the iPad. It can also be used to annotate PDF files.

    Cost: $4.99

  14. Pocket Light Meter

    Pocket Light Meter is an iPhone application that allows you to use phone camera as a light meter. Light meters are normally a tool for photographers, but measuring light, sound, or any other type of electrical output can be a useful capability for an engineer.

    Cost: Free

  15. EMF Sensor Free

    EMF Sensor Free

    This app uses the magnetic field sensor on your phone to take EMF readings. The application helps find sources of EMF radiation and monitoring EMF levels,

    Cost: Free

  16. Torque Tightening


    This app helps users decide the optimal torque needed when working on a project. By entering size and pitch, friction, and tightening tool, users can find out their needed torque.

    Cost: Free

  17. Chuchoideas1


    Chuchoideas1 is a great resource for selecting the color of the wire and quickly having access to the circuit number and the set of phases used. The app is a nice way to ensure the proper precautions are taken to prevent any errors.

    Cost: $0.99

  18. AutoCAD 360

    AutoCAD 360

    AutoCAD 360 is the official AutoCAD app and makes it easier than ever to draw and draft on a mobile device. The app displays impressive flexibility, including the uploading of DWG drawings onto an AutoCAD 360 online account.

    Cost: Free

  19. High Voltage Engineering


    High Voltage Engineering is perfect for students and covers nearly 150 topics related to High Voltage Engineering. The app is loaded with diagrams, equation, and additional graphical representations.

    Cost: Free

  20. SignalSuite


    SignalSuite has long been held in high regard due to their precision signal generator capabilities. The app has three advanced audio-band signal generators to produce various types of periodic signals, broadband noise, and frequency sweeps. Regarded for its accuracy, the creators of the app also have video demos available on their website.

    Cost: $9.99

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