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  • Step 2 of your I.O.T. Project – Setting up the Raspberry Pi 3 for the Weather Station

    Welcome back. In the last post we were half way through putting together an I.O.T. system. Let’s recap on things first. The idea behind the Internet Of Things (I.O.T.) is to allow small electronic devices to connect to the internet. It is supposed to be a quick and easy way to take any electronic device networked. The power behind this is obvious, allow anybody with a small cheap device to create data, post it to some kind of web service, then use this data from either the device that created the data itself, or allow any other web connected device to utilize the data, including simple web pages via web browsers.

    Some quick examples are a :

  • Step1 of your I.O.T. Project – Setting up your Cloud Web Services

    So this week I said  would be showing you how to connect a device up into the cloud. First a basic overview of some of the technology we are going to be using. The idea behind IoT, or the Internet of Things, is to allow remote connection to an electronic device. There are two ways we can set a device up. The first is to set up the system for input, or to collect information. This would mean that the device is collecting, and/or processing data from it’s environment, and posting that information up to the cloud, where we can see it. The second configuration pattern, is to allow the device itself to be controlled from a remote location, via the cloud. The term “cloud” in this context, refers to the world wide web, or internet. The cloud can either harness data ready for us to examine with a web browser (or any other web service consuming client), or the cloud can allow us to configure the devices via a web browser. The power behind this setup is the remote nature of it. Where ever the user is in the world, as long as they have access to a web browser they can either monitor the remote environment, or control it.  The Internet of Things then, is the utilization of remote web connected devices. Examples of such devices could be a USB camera, an alarm system or a weather station. We could have for example have an Raspberry Pi board connected to a USB camera set up in the garden of our home. When an animal activates a PIR sensor connected to the Pi, the Pi takes a snap shot with the camera and uploads the photo to a remote server,where,at the end of the day,we could see what has been lurking in the garden ! Alternatively we could have a web page that allows us to change the lighting in our home. Sitting on the couch, we could bring up a web page in a browser on our phone, and dim the lights and bring the projector screen down, ready for a movie night ! The limitations are bounded by your imagination.

  • The Cloud and The Internet of Things (IoT)

    The new exciting technology that seems to be here to stay is IoT. Have you heard of it ? If not you’ll soon be using it without even knowing it’s here, or there, or everywhere. and believe me it will be everywhere. It is the only, truly omnipresent technology. Before I start discussing what on Earth it is though, it’s worth noting that if you are embarking on a career in Engineering, you must become a Zen master at the art of the T.L.A. The ironic thing about T.L.A.’s is they are Three Letter Acronyms themselves, and the irony is the self-describing quality of this oft coined term. Today’s Blog T.L.A. then is I.o.T. There will be a little mention on A.W.S. also, actually I think I will summarize…

    I will be looking at how we can use a M.K.R. M.C.B. as an I.o.T. device, talking to A.W.S. using U.D.P. Got it ? O.M.G.

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